About Us


Emudah Media

Emudah Group is a large-scale Indonesia-based E-commerce Service Provider including Emudah Media and Emudah Fulfillment.


Emudah Media is Indonesia’s leading Multi-Channel Networks (“MCNs” or “networks”) company which is a third-party live service provider that affiliates with multiple TikTok channels to offer professional services that may include audience development, content programming, creator collaborations, digital rights management, and grow sales.


Emudah Media is officially certified as both TikTok Shop Partner (TSP) and “MCN” in Indonesia that is officially trusted by Indonesia Brands and enpowers Indonesia brand via TikTok channels to develop and grow fans and sales through technologies and creations.

Successful Marketing

Our Strength

1. TikTok Official Certified TikTok Service Partner

Emudah is one of the main MCN company in Indonesia; TikTok Officially certified by TikTok Indonesia as TSP (TikTok Service Partner)

2. Rich and successful local experience in Indonesia

Emudah Media has been the Account Management operation provider to Indonesia top brands in Home-living brands such as freemir, ecentio, COOGER, AONEZ; Ototmotif brand such as Mobeo; Electronic brands such as SHARP, Lenovo, Deerma; Cosmetic brands such as HerBaay etc

3. Strong Partnership with Indonesia’s Popular Creators

Emudah Media has its own KOLs

as well as partnered Indonesia’s

Popular Creators such as Inem Jogja, Dinar candy, Fahira Mira.

4. Emudah Media = Emudah Group

Wide e-commerce service platform, helping Emudah Media’s Client make full use of the advantages of Emudah Group such as Indonesia-based Emudah ERP system,

Emudah Fulfillment center at Cikarang, 

Emudah Enabler, which shall large empower brand to increase sales.